Jon Rafman: Dream Journal 2016-2017 @ Fri-Son


Jon Rafman: Dream Journal 2016-2017
Fri Art Kunsthalle @ Fri-Son
29.03 – 31.03.2019

Fri Art Kunsthalle and Fri-Son present the monumental installation Dream Journal 2016-2017 by Canadian artist Jon Rafman. From 29 to 31 March, day and night, Fri-Son’s large concert hall hosts a giant screen whose images are to be experienced lying down on a soft carpet.

The Dream Journal includes videos with soundtracks by Oneohtrix Point Never and James Ferraro. To create the landscapes of the contemporary unconscious, Jon Rafman draws from the darkest corners of the Internet and its nebulous communities.

In contrast with the smooth and sedative relationship of the digital economy, Rafman uses the immersive visual language of video games to take the viewer through the meanders of our worst nightmares. Yet, like a Janusian figure, wonders and deliriums compose the two sides of the same coin, inseparable.

Friday, March 29: 6pm