Jeff Depner, Luce Meunier, Jeanie Riddle
intersections 05 sept.— 6 oct. 2012

From september 5 to October 6 2012, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran presents its inaugural exhibition entitled Intersections  that will present new paintings by Jeff Depner, Luce Meunier, and Jeanie Riddle. Their works combine simple abstract compositions with original techniques. seeking to create new pictoral languages, they explore the expressive potential of abstraction through the use of lines, geometrical figures and their “intersections”.
Jeff Depner

Constructed to pit architectonic organization against the organic, Jeff Depner’s paintings explore compositional structure through the relationship between colors. These forms are created through cause and effect, wherein each layer interacts with its predecessor creating a functioning system of parts.


Luce Meunier

Luce Meunier uses only a bare minimum of plastics and graphics to create her pieces, and continues her reflection on paint’s power of action and reaction in a supported environment. Her ensemble of suspended, floating canvases reveals experiments in patterns and textures. Her works use folds to show the exploration of paint in space as it enters trajectories, and meets at intersections to create new paths between the medium’s freedom and the rigidity of the canvas. Meunier wants to thank the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.
Jeanie Riddle

Jeanie Riddle’s paintings and architecture break along planes of parallel lines. Possible and probable meetings in layers, color, cleavage, direction and fractured forms. Paintings and objects are produced individually where lines draw by pencil, retrace brushstrokes. This adds weight to the compositions and reveals an under color, plastic covering wraps, and protects ready-made materials. This total architecture is described by the number of directions, sense of space, size of construction and the viewer within this space.