GESTURES OF COMFORT 10 apr.— 11 may. 2019


Sara Anstis
Keiran Brennan Hinton
Jane Corrigan
Kim Dorland
Stephanie Hier
Laurie Kang
Marlon Kroll
Bridget Moser
Jeanie Riddle
Catherine Telford Keogh


April 10, 5pm – 8pm

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran is pleased to present Gestures of Comfort, a group exhibition including works by Sara Anstis, Keiran Brennan Hinton, Jane Corrigan, Kim Dorland, Stephanie Hier, Laurie Kang, Marlon Kroll, Bridget Moser, Jeanie Riddle, and Catherine Telford Keogh.

In the comfort of the domestic space, everyday life goes by as days elapse in simplicity. Self-care settles as a routine of meticulously calculated movements. Careful grooming and affectionate caresses, evoking self-pleasure, mingle in intimate sceneries. The experience of the banal and ennui translate into daydreaming and self-reflection. Subjects are absentminded, indulging in fantasies. Works depict moments of vulnerability, innocence and contemplation. Viewers stand as witnesses of those personal moments, unexpectedly becoming voyeurs.

The exhibition brings together works that were overly cared for, with perhaps oppressive tenderness. Hands have smoothed, brushed, twisted, pinched, squeezed and sculpted the works. Fingerprints and handprints have left their mark. Gestures of Comfort is an invitation to be touched by the sensuality of both the object and the subject – summoning empathy and attention.

For all inquiries or to receive information on the works presented at the fair, please contact Antoine Ertaskiran or Anne Roger: [email protected] or +1-514-989-7886.