Playlist 14 jun.— 1 aug. 2014

Philippe Caron Lefebvre
Dominique Pétrin
Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf
Les Ramsay


Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran is proud to present Playlist, its summer group exhibition, convening the works of five young Canadian artists. Philippe Caron Lefebvre, Doyon-Rivest, Dominique Pétrin, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf and Les Ramsay unite to create a colourful combination of drawings, collage, installation, video and sculpture. The title, Playlist, brings forward the diversity of aesthetics and mediums that will be found in this unexpected show. For this occasion, the public is invited to discover these artists and their distinctive approach coming together as a whole for the first time at the gallery.

Philippe Caron Lefebvre gives great importance to material and form. By means of several mediums, he lingers over the notion of evolution, particularly the mechanisms of survival in nature. He is also interested in the way the systems that surround us articulate, by creating works, distorting our perception of the work and even more, the relation that we have with our environment.

The artist duo Doyon-Rivest is interested in communication and its diverse aesthetic aspects. Both artists create works which mix up established codes in order to raise questions. instead of a precise solution to a given problem, they try to cultivate astonishment and ambiguity. They do not define their approach with a particular medium or technique, but rather with their vision, focusing on ideas.

Dominique Pétrin is interested in the ways used to alter perception and consciousness, whether it is by thwarting the cognitive processes of the vision or by using hypnosis in the performance. Spaces created by the artist are constituted by optical illusions, stimulating the vision of the spectator by playing with colors and clashing patterns. Her work is in harmony between imagination and hallucination.

Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf articulates his work around contemporary art, literature and performance. “I am interested in objects from the popular culture for their narrative potential”. He collects particular objects, modified or not, to compare the resemblances and the differences. Adept of the ready-made and the quotation, he imagines and reinvents the mythical and extravagant North American popular culture. His work questions the relationship that an individual may have with the text, the image and the object.

Les Ramsay creates work by re-purposing everyday domestic forms of contemporary excess and employs both constructive and deconstructive strategies. Considering Modern traditions while exploring the frontiers of contemporary painting, he uses collage methodologies to develop formal compositions.